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Here is some essential information. 


The closest major airport is Harrisburg International Airport, which is 30 miles away. The Philadelphia International Airport is located 60 miles away, and may offer less expensive air fares. 

The local Lancaster Airport is a small, VERY convenient airport about 15 minutes from the Convention Center. It may be an option to consider for a connecting flight. Southern Airways flies 3X daily Monday through Friday to Baltimore and Pittsburgh. (Once daily on Saturdays to each airport and twice on Sundays to Baltimore--once to Pittsburgh.) The planes are small (no more than 20 passengers) but the flights are cheap and range from $29-$49 one way. They are expanding their service to serve other airport in PA this year, so it may be a viable option. There is a car rental there and free parking.  

You have a range of options to get you from the airport to the conference center: 

From the Lancaster Airport:

Use a taxi or an UBER.

From Harrisburg International Airport. 

Rent a car and drive to the hotel/Convention Center 


Take a taxi or UBER to the Harrisburg Amtrak station (about a 15-minute ride)

and then take the Amtrak Keystone line to Lancaster. 

From the Lancaster Station, you can catch a cab, UBER, Route 3/Park City C bus or the Red Rose Transit Historic Downtown Trolleyto the Lancaster Convention Center.

From Philadelphia International Airport;

Rent a car and drive to the convention center 


Take or take a cab / taxi / UBER. The cost may be over $120 depending on the time of the day.

UBER may take longer than an hour depending upon the time of the day.

Take the train from Philadelphia to Lancaster. The Amtrak Keystone line leaves from Philadelphia 30th street station, which is located in the airport. 

The train runs frequently during the day and the ride to Lancaster is a little over an hour and the train offers free WIFI access. It can be a very pleasant part of your trip.

Once you arrive at the Lancasterstation, take a taxi, UBER or the Route 3. Park City C bus or Red Rose Transit Historic Downtown Trolley to the Lancaster Convention Center.

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